We are a leader in consumer health information and benefits technology solutions. We develop and publish health information products that are used by leading healthcare organizations, employers, benefits brokers, consumer web sites, and academic institutions. Our proprietary digital assets include an indexed and fully illustrated database of articles covering thousands of diseases and medical conditions.

Our healthcare products draw from one of the largest and most comprehensive medical image and animation libraries in the world. Our industry-leading employee portal system empowers workers to choose and use their benefits programs, be proactive about their health and wellness and stay informed about workplace matters. Our talents for developing educational products combine the best in health information and visuals to create “visual learning” experiences that can be integrated into our clients’ health information applications.

We are leading the way in online health and benefits solutions, and are dedicated to our commitment to helping consumers better understand their choices in today’s complex health and benefits environments. We believe that connecting individuals to accurate and engaging online information is the best way to empower them to make the right health and benefits decisions, and improve the overall quality of their health and lives.

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